The travelling exhibition of photographs and texts from the SAND IN MY EYES picture book, accompanied by readings from the book and a short film was exhibited in Sudan first. It has been touring through Europe since 2014, meeting a diverse audience at a wide range of venues and becoming part of festivals and campaigns for human rights and anti racism.

Arranged from dawn to dusk on a typical day across diverse cultures of Sudan, intimate glimpses into the daily life of nomads, subsistence farmers, traders, mountain dwellers and town people, are woven together by traditional narratives.

A landscape of images and spoken word: everyday life and rare ceremonies, laced with poetry, folk tales, proverbs, legends, myths and anecdotes that transmit emotions and cultural substance. The moments form and disperse, leaving it to the imagination to grasp, or perhaps sense, the picture beyond its single parts.

Interested in bringing the exhibition to your city or venue? Wish for a guided tour through the exhibition with Q&A for your group or plan to book a presentation with slide show? Please contact me.


    22.03.2024 – 15.09.2024, Deutsches Hirtenmuseum, Germany
    28.03.2023 – 21.04.2023, Volkshochschule, Anti Racism Weeks 2023, Germany
    03.07.2019 – 04.08.2019, Muzeul Național al Satului „Dimitrie Gusti”, Romania
    03.06.2019 – 27.06.2019, Centrul Multicultural al Universității Transilvania, Romania
    31.03.2017 – 05.05.2017, City Hall, Literature Festival 2017, Germany
  • ROME
    19.10.2016 – 06.11.2016, MAXXI – Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo, Italy
    17.06.2016 – 09.07.2016, Palace of Nations/UNOG United Nations Office, Switzerland
    04.05.2016 – 30.05.2016, OIK – Országos Idegennyelvű Könyvtár, Hungary
    15.01.2016 – 19.03.2016, Brunei Gallery/SOAS, London University, UK
    03.06.2015 – 26.07.2015, Casa Árabe, Spain
    10.02.2015 – 27.03.2015, Deutsch-Arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Germany
    16.10.2014 – 11.01.2015, State Museum of Egyptian Art, Germany
    10.01.2015, Sudan
    08.01.2015, Layali Hall, Sudan
    26.11.2014, Corinthia Hotel, Sudan


31.03.2017 – 05.05.2017



19.10.2016 – 06.11.2016



16.06.2016 – 09.07.2016



04.05.2016 – 30.05.2016

Brunei (1)


15.01.2016 – 19.03.2016



03.06.2015 – 26.07.2015



10.02.2015 – 27.03.2015


Um Sidir



El Obeid







16.10.2014 – 11.01.2015

“As a Sudanese young person growing up in Britain this exhibition has educated me on my own culture and the diversity within Sudan. The beautiful quotes have inspired me.”

L. Said, S. Idris, A. Said, Exhibition Visitors, London, UK, January 2016

“I am mesmerised by this exhibit. Thank you for showing me this part of the world.”

I. Cheema, Exhibition Visitor from Toronto. In London, UK, January 2016

“I am impressed by the documentation you have made about our Sudanese heritage and culture. I really appreciate this nice work which comes from the bottom of your heart. Dear sister we salute you for this very significant achievement. Thank you very much for your great effort to introduce Sudanese culture across Europe.”

H.A.A., Khartoum, Sudan, May 2015

“Sand in My Eyes is more than a source of nostalgic feelings and a reminder of our bygone past. For me, it is a close reminder of how research is made, folklore put in practical action, patience and resilience is given a meaning in Sudan and above all how the word ‘possible’ is proved to exist despite all odds. I dream of a presentation by Nagy Enikö in Sharja Hall to our scholars and academics on the whole idea from inception to delivery, how it was implemented, the difficulties faced, funds generated, photos selected, proverbs and poetry coupled with each photo.”

K. Tayeb, University Lecturer and Translator, Khartoum, Sudan, March 2015

“It is really delighting to see someone find beauty in Sudan nowadays, where most of us Sudanese people see nothing but despair and darkness. Thank you a million times for your beautiful soul and eyes. Your eyes saw the beauty of Sudan, its people and sands.”

Essam Eisa Rajab, Poet, Khartoum, Sudan, March 2015

“In the train I went through your work, and I was overwhelmed by so many feelings. I realised that my eyes were welling up with tears; that I miss home so much, and that I have been in England too long; that my career has been polished and improved to enable me to return to Sudan, and that we should do something. How did you do that? The English winter suddenly got harsher! I read a lot. Books invoke a lot of feelings in people, but never before has a book brought tears to my eyes.”

D. Omar Nawrani, Reader, London, UK, March 2015

“It was a wonderful evening, full of warmth, and humanity. The moving film and listening to the reading of the narratives have captivated everyone. I am still filled with these impressions, this new window into a world which I thought I knew already.”

Dr. Werner Daum, Ethnologist, Former Ambassador to Sudan,
Berlin, Germany, February 2015

“I feel the photos as very intense and sensitive. People there must trust you very much for such intimate images to have come to existence. They are right to trust you. With these images you have not betrayed them, but portrayed them as graceful, spirited individuals.”

S. Bähr, Exhibition Visitor, Munich, Germany, August 2014