Sudan: colourful, vibrant, strong. Intriguing cultures that have not been previously documented, fascinating immaterial heritage and oral literature.

The book has five parts, as a day has in Sudan, segmented by the Muslim prayer times: Subuh, Duhur, Asur, Maghreb and Eisha, which have become a practical structure to the day for people of different faiths and cultures in Sudan. Following these quintiles, the five chapters capture day-to-day endeavours, drawing an analogy between a day and human Becoming, Striving, Sharing, Belonging and Transcending throughout life.

An artistic study in photography and spoken word, taking you on a journey into the heart of Sudan. Visit some of the hardest-to-access regions of the world and experience their rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

Parallel English and Arabic text. With supplementary notes for proverbs, biographical details of quoted poets, and useful notes. Read more: reader’s comments and press clippings


Sudanese Moments

Standard Edition

800 pages, 150 x 230 mm, HC,
550 photos, 250 texts,
Foreword by UNESCO,
ISBN 9783940190079, 95 Euro

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